7 tips for choosing the right housing


You will surely agree with that the quality of housing has a decisive influence on people´ well-being and satisfaction. Otherwise, you will live in a new building or a newly renovated house with a repaired facade.A completely different impression will be evoked by an unmaintained block of flats with the original windows. But condition of the house is not the only one aspect you should pay attention for.

Define your needs
The first important step is to clearly define your own needs. Stop for a moment and realize what kind of housing would you prefer and what demands and requirements it should meet. Focus mainly on the location and layout of the apartment, do not neglect the appearance or the surrounding environment.

Select a suitable location
Location is one of the aspects that affects the standard of living. Important is not only transport accessibility, proximity to greenery or complete civic amenities. Also make sure that there is no busy round around the house that prevents you from opening the windows or that factory does not emit smell nearby. Also focus on the proximity of non-stop establishments that can turn night streets into place you won´t want to go.

Layout and size of the apartments
These parameters depend on the individual situation and needs of every applicant. Different requirements will have a young working person who lives alone and spends most of his time away from home than a family with little children, who will certainly appreciate the more spacious apartment in a quite part of town. Think about your decision well and give a chance to the first impression, which is often intuitive and can help you.

Common areas
Also take a good look at the entrance of house and the courtyard area. Make sure your common areas are clean, tidy and meet your needs. Also be interested in planned reconstructions and modifications or find out in which year the reconstruction took place.


Position of the apartment
The position of the apartment in the house is also related to the previous point. Someone like impressive views from higher floors, others prefer lower floors. This decision should be driven not only by feeling but also by reason. The elevator undoubtedly plays an important role in this case. Do not hesitate to try the elevator and calmly walk to the higher floors of the building.

The orientation of the windows plays an important role. The direction in which is the building turned will affect its energy. Important is to have enough light in the house. But too much sunshine can be harmful, as it will be too hot for you here in the summer.

Fair play
Given the importance and complexity of the whole process, a fair play and the way all stakeholders deal with you are also important. Fair dealing and an individual approach to clients are key features for us. It allows us to successfully solve your problems and requirements.

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