Mortgage guide: How to make a mortgage calculation


Many people have mortgage connected with a lot of paperwork, meetings and waste of time. But nowadays is everything easy and you can negotiate your mortgage online from home. How to choose the best bank for your needs and how to calculate your mortgage?


Every bank has different offers and requirements, what do all of them have in common are conditions that you must meet. In addition to the basic conditions like attainment of maturity, permanent or temporary residence in Czech Republic or sufficient income is important also bank creditworthiness, no criminal record or pledge value. We can´t forget either Czech National Bank regulations, that says the amount of mortgage can be maximum 90 % of property value and amount of instalments maximum 50 % of your net monthly income.


To make it easier for you we have prepared our overview of the most advantageous mortgages on a illustrative example.

We have used a 1kk apartment, 39 m² in residence Harfa design, Prague 9, from our offer. Price is 3 983 925 Kč and length of fixation is 5 years.


Calculation is made with mortgage calculator. You can use it free on bank website.






Komerční banka

2,29 % p.a.

12 272 Kč

4 704 652 Kč

Hypoteční banka

2,09 % p.a.

11 924 Kč

4 292 640 Kč


1,79 % p.a.

11 489 Kč

4 136 040 Kč


2,09 % p.a.

11 924 Kč

4 304 122 Kč


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