How to equip an apartment for successful rental



Who will be your tenant?

The basic question you need to ask yourself is what your target group is – will it be students, a young couple, a large family or workers? Accordingly, It is appropriate to equip the apartment. For example, students have much lower demands on the equipment of the apartment, all they need is bed, wardrobe and a desk with chair. On the other hand, a large family will probably already have their own furniture and appliances – so they are usually looking for unfurnished apartments, which they will arrange according to themselves.



Interior and colors

From our experience, we recommend matching the apartments to neutral colors (white, brown, light gray or creamy). You can not spoil anything with these colors and the can be harmonized with most furniture, so the overal impression of the apartment will appeal to more people who can complete the apartment with therit furniture without the overal appearance of the apartment looking tasteless.



Furnishing the apartment

The basic equipment of each apartment is a kitchen with oven and stove. If you want to rent an apartment with minimal equipment, we recommend that you offer flexibility regarding the refrigerator and washing machine – based on the request from the applicant, you can buy these appliances. Most people who have their own furniture also have their own appliances and you may need to buy a refrigerator with a washing machine unnecessarily.


Storage spaces

Built-in wardrobes are an ideal solution for small flats. Unlike other furniture, it pays to invest in quiality materiál – by staying in place, there is less risk or damage and the will serve you and your renants for a long time. It i salso advisable to arrange the hal lat least so that the tenant has somwhere to put in his shoes or coat.


The size of the apartment

Tke into account the size of the apartment, especially for small apartments with a layout of 1+kk and 1+1. Here i tis appropriate to consider a decomposable couach that serves as a bed.


If you are still hesitant and lost, we offer the sevice of complete equipment of the property. Feel free to ask us!