Decline in apartment rentals in Prague


Behind the cheaper housing in the metropolis is not only the outflow of students, due to distance learning, but also the loss of tourists, whose current pandemic situation does not allow them to travel as high as they were used to. This is shown by data from the consulting company Deloitte. Although Prague is still the most expensive housing city in the Czech Republic, rents have fallen in all parts of the city. Most in Prague 8 and Prague 5, least in Prague 7. This resulted from data called Rent Index, which gives a quarter-on-quarter comparison of rental apartment prices.



District Price per m² Difference Q3/Q4
Prague 1 314 CZK -2,8 %
Prague 2 321 CZK -3,9 %
Prague 3 303 CZK -4,7 %
Prague 4 268 CZK -2,5 %
Prague 5 285 CZK -5,0 %
Prague 6 271 CZK -4,6 %
Prague 7 297 CZK -1,7 %
Prague 8 283 CZK -6,0 %
Prague 9 273 CZK -3,9 %
Prague 10 273 CZK -4,9 %


While last year in Prague an average of 316 CZK was paid per month, this year it is 287 CZK per square meter. This is a 4,3% decrease, bringing us to the level of the index from 2018. On the other hand, regional cities, such as Ústí and Labem, Karlovy Vary nebo Ostrava have the lowest price per square meter.


                                                                                                                                      Source: Deloitte