Legal provisions of apartment renting

Renting an apartment is a process involving several parties, but in principle it is the renter and the owner. The whole process shoud be transparent and fair for both sides. It is important to meet all necessary regulations and conditions, not only from a legal point of view. However, not everyone in the legal world is excellent. In this article you will find answers to questions such as what the owner can and cannot ask from the renter, or what purpose the premises can be used.

Rental of Real estate is described in Civil Code. Some of the provisions include for exmaple the following:


Business in the apartment

The renter is usually expected to use the apartment only for housing. However, there is an exception in the law, which says, that the renter can also work or do business in the apartment. But business must not be the primary purpose for which an apartment has been acquired and must be only an occasional aktivity related to housing. The renter must also run a business, that would restrict or annoy others. For example, foreign language courses or meeting may také place in the apartment, but the renter must not build a workshop here.


Repairs in the apartment

The owner is obliged to maintain the property in such a condition that i tis habitable. If damage occurs during the leas that does not allow the renter to use the apartment, the owner is responsible for the repair.

Minor modifications and maintenance and cleaning of premises and equipment is normal use, such as painting, wallpepering, floor cleaning, waste cleaning, etc.


Number of people living in the apartment

How many people live in the apaertment is very important factor. The renter is obliged to report the excat number of people, even if this changes during the lease. The reason why the owner needs to know how many people live in the apartment is mainly due to the cost of energy, water and other services.

You should not forget other factors, such as notice of absence from the apartment lasting more than 2 months to the owner ort he rights that both sides have, when inspecting the apartment. If you are still groping in legal matter, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be honored to advise you.